The OU Masters H800 Technology-Enhanced Learning module: the first 6 weeks


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Week 6 is over and I feel I have survived after falling down a mental waterfall and am now looking at choppy but interesting waters to come. On the face of it, my life does not appear to have changed. Outwardly I am working at my desk, dropping and picking up the kids, doing Mummy things and planning work, family, admin, holidays and birthdays. However, in the last few weeks, I have existed an another world too. I’ve met friends from all over the world, read the research of Anna Sfard, John Seely Brown and Yrjo Engestrom. I’ve danced with ‘situated learning theory’, ‘cultural historical activity theory’ the ‘aquisition metaphor’ and the ‘participation metaphor as well as considering whether the medium is the message, the mess-age,  mass-age or massage. I finally really get web 2.0; forums have become a daily habit and I’m coverted to live conferencing via Elluminate. I’m fitting in with the H800 community now; at least I can use the acronyms and abbreviations without e-whispering them.

I also tackled the dreaded ‘Tutor marked assessment’ (TMA to us old-hands) and lived to tell the tale. I might teach others to write and review academic work, but when the boot was on the other foot…phew. Time (or my tutor) will tell if I was found wanting.

It’s all good and here’s to the next seven months.



2 thoughts on “The OU Masters H800 Technology-Enhanced Learning module: the first 6 weeks

  1. Nice blog! I share your view on weeks 8 -9. I’m still trying to get by and also reserved some of the activities to revisit later (like more in-depth exploration of Phoebe).

  2. Love your blog:-)I too am struggling to keep up. Optional activities are a real problem for me as if I don’t do them I think I have missed something vital. If there is one thing I dislike it’s missing something. I am hopeing to do some catching up over the next two weeks as we have a holiday next week. Should be able to make some progress.

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