H800: Wikipedia and reflecting on learning design



Burning the candle at both ends

After a frenetic two weeks of studying learning design in weeks 8 and 9, I am back on somewhat familar territory. We’ve had to look at Wikipedia and how it works. Actually fascinating and if I had ANY time, I’d like to edit it sometimes. What amazes me about Wikipedia still is the sheer cussedness of people who will spend huge amounts of time protecting the inetgrity of their data and fighting the vandals and deletionists. It’s certainly true that we have a lot of ‘cognitive surplus’ going around. We were also asked to look at ‘Citizendium‘ which is a wannabe grown-up Wikipedia, but it seems to have eventually floundered. Kudos for trying though. In the web 2.0 world, no outcome is certain.

Learning Design was the most difficult, practical and useful element of H800 so far for me. I want to go back through the activities and allow absorption. I quite liked CompendiumLD as I love mindmaps and moving things around. I enjoyed the practical activities but thought there were too many of them. We weren’t able to reflect on each in any depth.

Overall, I am enjoying the course. Had a slight wobble weeks 8 and 9 as the sheer amount of time required for learning design meant I didn’t make it through all the activities. However, the value of the LD modules is that I now recognise what they are trying to get us to do in various activities. Often, we go on discovery journeys and up dead ends (such as when looking for something) and then near the end, a paper is presented that brings it altogether.

I understand the logic of wanting to get me to do it the hard way, but perhaps they should introduce a fast track option for heavy duty modules?


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