H800: how not to do an End of Module Assessment


Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I submitted the EMA today and promptly resolved “never again” will I:

1. Think reference checking is a day or two’s work.

2. Read and markup texts but not take out the quotes I will need at the time of reading.

3. Read far too much that can’t possibly be included in 6000 words.

4. Revise large sections the night before submission because they don’t have “flow”.

5. Go wild on creating mind maps and procrastinate on actual writing.

6. Use the stress of writing to overindulgence on chocolate.

I will however remember how much I enjoyed reviewing and reading and feeling amazed that I actually understood things. I’ll remember feeling sad that this was the end of the module and the end of interacting with  classmates and new friends on a regular basis. I’ll remember the banal tweets encouraging each other on, playing big word ed-tech bingo on Twitter and planning of the still to happen ‘after party’ on google hangouts.


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