H808: EMA and out


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H808 The Elearning Professional is over. I submitted the EMA (Examinable Module Assignment) on deadline day and breathed a sigh of relief. This module seems to have passed very quickly. For me there are two reasons – first I was still finishing off the previous module’s EMA and so had to overlap starting H808. (Not great timing MAODE peeps). Second, the module fell over the long Southern hemisphere school holidays, Christmas and an end of year work rush. All very challenging to the distance learner, mother, freelancer and all round superwoman (the last one is ironic). What this means is that I feel I didn’t do myself or the module justice. I did well enough on the two Tutor marked assignments and was especially pleased with TMA2 but the EMA time allocation was really ridiculously short. Compared to the luxury of the H800 EMA which was something like 5-6 weeks from the end of the last scheduled activity to submission, the H808 EMA was something like 6-8 days. I didn’t get a chance to think things through and had to treat the whole thing as one big essay crisis or project deadline. Bah. I felt NOT in control of my learning and rushed into producing something for the assessment, not for learning. I wrote in a blog post about assessment and learning in the context of H800. I had the same great feeling about the H808 TMA2 as I was able to get an extension on it, and I was able to think through and apply the research to a context (in this case the South African educational technologist). However the H808 EMA seemed rather formulaec, especially the eportfolio compilation and reflective commentary and the essay was on Personal Development Planning, not the most riveting subject although I gave it my best shot. Oh well, time will tell how I did.

H808 as a learning experience has been great though, just a month or so too short. It forced me to look inwards, at myself and learn about topics that I might not have chosen such as eportfolios, professionalism and reflection. The tutor group was really good, and I enjoyed that last few days of EMA angst-fest on Twitter. Memorable moments include a mid module group collaboration activity, creating a screencast, recording a podcast and getting into blogging.

If I take one practical thing away from H808 it is the vaue of reflection and blogging. H808 made blogging almost mandatory, and I’m pleased I can look back and see what I was thinking at any stage. Next module will be H810 (Accessible Online Learning). In between I have various learny-techy things simmering away so less of a break from it than a chance to apply and test some of what I have learned. From the frying pan and into the fire…


2 thoughts on “H808: EMA and out

  1. Hello Sukaina,Interesting to read on how courses from the same university and institute (IET), with presumably overlapping course teams, have different structure and planning. Your post reminded me to check out your screencast, which I will do soon. Stefaan

  2. Hi Stefaan.Thanks for your comments. I also found it odd that there were (minor) differences in the Referencing conventions between H800 and H808 and little sense of continuity across MAODE modules. But the biggest shock to me was the lack of lead time for the H808 EMA, after the luxury of H800. Possibly the difference between a 30 credit course and a 60 credit?Looking forward to your experience of H807.

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