Hello WordPress, goodbye Posterous


I have just set up this blog as I heard that Posterous, which until today hosted my blog, is being shut down by Twitter as confirmed in this official blog post. This isn’t a great surprise as Posterous has often been patchy since its acquisition by Twitter. Although I was slightly annoyed, it’s not as if I have a leg to stand on, as the Posterous blog platform has been completely free.

I decided to get my blog exported straight away as soon as I heard. The process was quick and efficient. Kudos to Posterous for making the backup available quickly and to the WordPress import tool for importing the blog fairly seamlessly. I’m looking forward to exploring the blogging features WordPress has to offer.

It’s somewhat ironic that this week on H817 Openness and Innovation in elearning, my tutor group has been discussing the difference, advantages and disadvantages of ‘open’ and ‘free’. We all like ‘open’ I think, in the sense of access and making it possible to get content, services and tools made possible by new technology. ‘Free’ though has evoked more mixed reactions around the idea of whether it is possible for anything to be really ‘free’. We have also discussed that  ‘free’ lacks credibility and trust and you ‘get what you pay for’; indeed, in the case of Posterous, it was completely free and liable to be pulled at any time. I couldn’t demand continuity of service or any level of support. I am also currently using the free and hosted version of WordPress for this blog, but at least WordPress has a ‘freemium’ model whereby it is possible to upgrade to a paid versions depending on use and need. This gives me a level of comfort that there is a business model, and that if I need something more reliable, secure, or with greater storage capacity, it will be available. Along with Evernote, Dropbox and Survey Monkey, these models with a low-cost options and tiers of service are great examples of the ‘long tail’ made possible by digital storage capacity, bandwidth and networks.

photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc



3 thoughts on “Hello WordPress, goodbye Posterous

  1. Well, thanks for this. I had seen your previous blog and wondered wether I would be better starting mine in Posterous. Yes, I had not thought about the ‘free and open’ issue yet. Martin Weller says in his book that one of the things we need to learn to become digital scholars is about the impermanent nature of the web….

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