H817open Great MOOCspectations

Block 2 of H817 Openness and Innovation in e-learning started this week and takes the form of a MOOC on Open Education. As a first impression, I am enjoying the injection of energy into H817 with the tutors and MOOC-Master Martin Weller’s active involvement. I’m enjoying the novelty of moving into the OpenLearn space and away from the OU Moodle environment.
Although I have participated in MOOCs before , I’m not quite sure what I am expecting of this MOOC but as an enrolled formal student on H817 it will be interesting comparing the experience of being in a closed, formal space and the more open and chaotic space of the MOOC. As a formal H817 student, I still have the tutor and group support if I need it so I think my experience could be a MOOC+ type of thing (the best of both worlds?).

In this context and considering that for me this MOOC is part of a larger formal learning experience, I’m planning to reflect on these specific areas:

1. How will the experience of the MOOC compare to the formal learning and tutor support of H817? Will Blocks 3 and 4 be a relief after the chaos of the  Block 2 MOOC or will they seem a bit flat?

2. There is a formal assessment for H817 following the MOOC, so how will focus on this assessment affect the way I participate in the MOOC?

3. What will the open students bring to H817?

4. Is a MOOC for time-consuming than studying the formal OU way, (as effectively it is the same material and activities but in an open format)?

I also hope that it will be possible to focus on the actual content and topics of this MOOC as well as on the fact that this is a MOOC, although I don’t think it will be possible to get away from a discussion on the relative MOOCness of this MOOC and all the associated hype that goes with this.

2 thoughts on “H817open Great MOOCspectations

  1. Hi Sukaina, the tutors and MOOC-master have set us a really good example on commenting and connecting, the rest it seems is up to us to find a niche in the chaos. In the overall marathon that is H817 this has been a week-long sprint stage so far. Look forward to bumping into you on the journey. Good questions!

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