H817 – surviving with style

I submitted my final paper for H817 Openness and Innovation in elearning yesterday with some relief. It’s been a long module starting in January, and I’ll reflect more on what I have learned in some blog posts to come. H817 feels like the most challenging module so far on the path to the Master’s in Online and Distance Education, and so fitting that it is the last one for me. But this post is just to acknowledge the end of what has been a transformative experience over the last 2 1/2 years. Studying at a distance could have been isolating and lonely, but it has been anything but. I’ll remember and apply a lot of the theories and practices, but I’ll also remember the moments of interaction, of peer support, sharing the ‘joy’ and pain of collaborative group work and the collective stresses of writing assessments with ever diminishing word count allowances. This was a block about innovation, and so it is fitting that in a fit of mad posting on the secret student Facebook Group at about midnight last night the idea for a badge was born, and thanks to fellow student David McDade made into a reality. So I display my H817 Survivors with Style Badge with pride and with gratitude to fellow students who have made the journey meaningful.




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